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Will Rudolph Be Replaced By a Drone?

 As every child knows, Santa delivers his presents on Christmas Eve in a sleigh led by nine reindeer:  John, Elena, Sonia, Samuel, Stephen, Ruth, Clarence, Anthony, and Antonin. 

Fifty Years Ago Today

 Like almost every American of my generation, I can tell you exactly where I was fifty years ago today.

Reclaiming Overton Park

I am generally not superstitious.  However, I am now convinced that the number “13” is definitely unlucky.  That’s because on October 13, 2013, during the course of my daily run, I was assaulted in Overton Park by two gentlemen (sic). 

It Never Hurts Too Much to Laugh!

 I am a runner.  Not a very fast one, mind you.  In fact, I am so slow that these days in local races, they time me with a calendar. 

The Seersucker Solution

 When it comes to politics,America has become one big dysfunctional family.  Democrats hate Republicans, Republicans hate Democrats, and now, Republicans even hate Republicans.