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Posted on August 19th, 2019

The following was published in the August, 18, 2019 edition of The Tennessean and is republished with the paper's permission.

I am an immigrant.  A fifth-generation Tennessee immigrant.  I live in the United States of America because of an Irish invasion of America that took place in the 1840s.

One of those invaders was my great-great-great grandfather, Bartley Garey.  He fled Ireland in 1848 and sailed to New Orleans.  He came to America because he was hungry.  The potato famine that swept Ireland caused mass starvation.  Grandfather Bartley was one of an estimated 1.5 million Irish who emigrated to America between 1845 and 1955.

I do not know if he was a legal immigrant.  He may have just jumped off the boat and onto a dock in "Nawlins" and ran in search of good and a new home.

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Bart Haltom: Bartley Garey was Granny's father, our great grandfather. He was born in New Orleans in 1844. His father, David Garey came to America from Ireland. Bartley Garey was a Union soldier captured and sent to Andersonville. He was a Republican and started a school for orphaned children, black and white at Savannah, TN.

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