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Posted on August 29th, 2019

Ecclesiastes 3 teaches us that for everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. For those who love Seersucker, fashion tradition indicates that the season to don this wonderful iconic fabric ends this coming Monday, Labor Day, not to return until Easter Sunday next April.

I often risk being arrested by the fashion police by continuing to wear Seersucker deep into September. For me, Seersucker season is any time it’s hot. But for those of you Seersucker lovers who abide by sartorial tradition, let me tell you how to send the 2019 Seersucker Season out in style. Take part in America’s greatest Seersucker celebration, the 9th Annual Tennessee Seersucker Flash Mob!

There will be four such mobs across the Volunteer State this week, all supporting wonderful causes. On Tuesday, August 27th, the Knoxville Bar Association will hold its annual Seersucker Flash Mob at 11:45 AM at the City County Building.

On Wednesday, August 28 at noon, the Chattanooga Bar Association will hold its seersucker celebration on the steps of the Hamilton County Courthouse.

And then on Friday, August 30th at noon, simultaneous Seersucker Flash Mobs will be held in Nashville  and Memphis. The Nashville Bar Association’s well-dressed mob will convene on the steps of the historic courthouse facing Union Street, while the Memphis event will take place where the Delta begins, the lobby of the Peabody Hotel. The world-famous Peabody ducks will join in the celebration although they will not be wearing Seersucker.

The events will support Legal Services across the state as well as the Step Ahead Foundation in Memphis.

So don your finest puckered cotton and join the celebration!


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