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I had two heroes that to my knowledge never rode a horse or shot an outlaw. And instead of carrying bats, they toted briefcases.

Bill Haltom is a father, husband, lawyer and award-winning writer. He is the author of six books and has been a newspaper and magazine humor columnist for over 25 years. He has served as chair of the editorial boards for four magazines, including the ABA Journal, the flagship publication of the American Bar Association. A popular speaker, Bill has delivered commencement addresses and has been the featured speaker at conventions, banquets and leadership seminars. Bill lives in Memphis with his wife (Judge Claudia), his daughter (Princess Margaret) and his two beagles (Atticus and Scout).

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In 1776, we Americans declared our independence from King George III of England.  The upstart former colonists won the American Revolutionary War against King George and his Redcoats, and in 1787 we created the United States of America. Many Americans at that time sought a new King George for our new country, specifically urging General George Washington to wear the first American crown.  General Washington, of course, could not tell a lie, and told his fellow new Americans that the United States of America should be a republic, not a monarchy.  So rather than becoming King George, he became our first president.

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