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Bill's Annual Christmas Column...Remembering Christmases With My Father

            I have never been able to live in the moment at Christmastime. 

            For me, it’s always been about Christmas past or Christmas yet to come, never about Christmas present.


Will Rudolph Be Replaced By a Drone?

 As every child knows, Santa delivers his presents on Christmas Eve in a sleigh led by nine reindeer:  John, Elena, Sonia, Samuel, Stephen, Ruth, Clarence, Anthony, and Antonin. 

Fifty Years Ago Today

 Like almost every American of my generation, I can tell you exactly where I was fifty years ago today.

Reclaiming Overton Park

I am generally not superstitious.  However, I am now convinced that the number “13” is definitely unlucky.  That’s because on October 13, 2013, during the course of my daily run, I was assaulted in Overton Park by two gentlemen (sic). 

It Never Hurts Too Much to Laugh!

 I am a runner.  Not a very fast one, mind you.  In fact, I am so slow that these days in local races, they time me with a calendar.