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Posted on February 2nd, 2018

This coming Sunday afternoon, literally tens of millions of Americans will gather in front of their television sets to watch the biggest sporting event of the year.  I’m referring, of course, to the Puppy Bowl. 

Once again this year, the Puppy Bowl will be telecast on the Animal Planet network.  Puppy Bowl XIV will be an epic showdown featuring 90 adoptable puppies from 48 rescue centers across the country.  It will be #teamruff vs. #teamfluff in a dog-eat-dog battle for the coveted “Lombarky” Puppy Bowl Trophy. 

I’ll be watching Puppy Bowl XIV with my beagles, Atticus and Scout Haltom.  Atticus will be pulling for Team Fluff while Scout will be barking for Team Ruff. 

Now I realize that some of you may be tuning in to the NBC network rather than Animal Planet to watch another sporting event, Super Bowl LII.  Now if you’d rather watch grown men jump on top of each other than frolicking, adorable puppies, that’s your business.  Let me give you my personal opinion why Puppy Bowl XIV will be far more entertaining than Super Bowl LII. 

First, the puppies will not be making any political statements.  Rather than kneeling in protest, they will from time to time raise up on their hind legs, a sight much more interesting to see.  Second, be honest.  What would you rather see?  Tom Brady throwing a deflated football for yet another boring Super Bowl victory, or a chihuahua named Lila grabbing a fluffy football in her mouth and then prancing down the field? 

Let’s face it.  The only thing interesting about the Super Bowl is the commercials.  In fact, a lot of Super Bowl viewers tune in only for the commercials, and then either go to the kitchen to make a snack or to the bathroom when the boring game is being played. 

But the Puppy Bowl is the ultimate tail-gating experience.  There will be no pause in the action, or rather there will be lots of paws in the action! 

The Super Bowl will feature endless video reviews when the referees go to the sidelines to glance at their own little TV screens in order to decide whether they made the right call on the most recent play.  But if the Puppy Bowl referees try to stop the action, they will no doubt be greeted by growls and howls as Team Ruff and Team Fluff want the action on the field, rather than off it.  After all, they have a bone to pick. 

Super Bowl LII will feature a halftime performance by Justin Timberlake.  It will be a return engagement.  Super Bowl viewers will recall that the last time Timberlake performed in a Super Bowl halftime show (Super Bowl XXXVIII), he and Janet Jackson committed the infamous wardrobe malfunction. 

Puppy Bowl XIV, on the other hand, or the other paw, will feature another wonderful performance by dancing kittens, and not one of these kitties will remove their fur. 

So let’s get ready for the canine kick-off!  I have a big bowl of Milk-Bones sitting on the table in my den.  Atticus and I will enjoy every minute of Puppy Bowl XIV.  And then on Tuesday night February 13, we’ll gather in front of my TV set again to watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show telecast from Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

Atticus and Scout and I still fondly remember the 2015 event in which a regal beagle named “Miss P” won Best in Show! 

When Miss P was declared the winner that night, Atticus and Scout howled in delight!


Cora: Pity I have found your article too late. However, that would be great chance to share your opinion about Timberlake's performance. I was lucky to find and enjoy watching the show while their professional writers were working on my paper.

Nick McCall: More like a Paw-litzer Prize, methinks....

Scout Haltom: You should get a Pulitzer Prize for this!!

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