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Posted on September 28th, 2017

On Tuesday, United States Senator Bob Corker announced that he will not run for reelection to the Senate next year. Within minutes after his announcement, people across the Volunteer State were asking: Will Peyton Manning throw his helmet into the ring? 

It was no surprise that Tennesseans began to wonder if there was a Senator Peyton in their future. 

First, Peyton Manning is no doubt the most popular citizen in the Volunteer State. (He has a home near Cleveland ... Tennessee, not Ohio.)   He is a Tennessee football legend, a two-time Super Bowl Champion, and a five-time winner of the NFL MVP Award.  In a few years, he will no doubt be in the NFL Hall of Fame. 

Second, it is no secret that Peyton is a Republican.  He was the keynote speaker at a Republican Congressmen’s retreat at Philadelphia earlier this year, and has been a long-time supporter of GOP candidates. 

Third, he is not controversial. He stood for the National Anthem at every football game during his 22-year long NFL career. 

In recent years, he has frequently been mentioned as a potential candidate for Senator in Tennessee, Louisiana, Indiana, and Colorado, and probably in the other 46 states as well. 

But on Wednesday, Peyton said in a radio interview that he had “zero interest in being a politician.” 

His position actually makes a lot of sense.  Why would Peyton Manning become a United States Senator when he can reign as one of the most powerful private citizens in America and never be thrown for a loss as a politician? 

But as a long-time admirer of Peyton, I’m a little disappointed that he’s not running for the Senate. I think he may be just the sort of quarterback we need in Washington, and I don’t mean to play for the Redskins. 

Can you just imagine Senator Manning in the United States Senate? He would no doubt be running around the well of the Senate, frantically tapping the top of his head and gesturing to Senators on how to vote on healthcare, tax reform, and even relief for hurricane victims in Florida. (Senator Peyton might be conflicted over that last issue, but he would no doubt do the right thing.) 

He would be a leader that even Tennessee Democrats could support.  After all, Peyton has something in common with former Tennessee Democratic Senator and Vice President Al Gore.  Like Al, Peyton knows what it’s like to lose in Florida.

And after shaking things up in the Senate, he could even become President Peyton Manning. He would probably paint the White House orange.

But it’s not going to happen, and we really shouldn’t be surprised.  The one thing Peyton was never able to do as either a Vol or an NFL quarterback was run.


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