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It’s summertime, and the living is easy... and also delicious.  It is delicious because of one of the greatest blessings of summer … peaches! 

I love peaches, and during the summertime, I enjoy them at least three times a day.  For breakfast, I have peaches on my cereal.  For lunch I have peaches on a “cold plate” alongside cottage cheese, slices of tomato, carrots and cheese.  For dinner, I’ll often start the meal with slices on a salad, or end the meal with a peach dessert. 

My wife makes the greatest dessert in the world, fresh peach pie.  Not a fried peach pie or cobbler, but a fresh peach pie.  She slices fresh peaches and puts them in a pie pan with a graham cracker crust.  She then pours in vanilla ice cream or vanilla yogurt, and then puts the pan in the refrigerator or freezer to chill. 

The result is a scrumptious peachy dessert that will put banana pudding to shame.  (And by the way, I do love banana pudding!) 

The peach season begins in June with delicious peaches from west Tennessee such as the Jones Orchard on Highway 51 just outside of Millington.  I have had many wonderful trips to the Jones Orchard over the years to visit with my friend Juanita Elliot Jones, who is a real peach herself.  I have often picked peaches on her 110-acre farm.  

In July, the peaches arrive from Georgia.  The best are delivered in ”The Peach Truck,” bringing Jawga’s finest from Fort Valley to small towns in southeast Tennessee.  My wife and I drove from Monteagle to Tullahoma the other day and bought a box of 25 pounds of the orange and red treats.  We then had to patiently wait a couple of days for the peaches to sit on our kitchen counter to soften.  It was worth the wait. 

August will bring peaches from South Carolina.  We buy them at a roadside stand in Kimball, Tennessee. 

The South Carolina peaches will last me through Labor Day.  I’ll even enjoy them as I watch the first college football games in September.  Now that’s what I call the real Peach Bowl! 

And then, as the leaves begin to change and autumn arrives, peach season will end.  But I will have jars of peach jellies, jams and preserves to spread on my morning toast or biscuits throughout the winter and spring.

Now if you will excuse me, I am headed for lunch.  Care to guess what I am going to eat?  

Posted by Bill Haltom at 14:22