No Controlling Legal Authority: Essays on the Insignificant Legal Issues of Our Times

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Bill Haltom's latest book, No Controlling Legal Authority Essays on the Insignificant Legal Issues of Our Times, is a smart, witty, enjoyable book. It shows an intelligent sense of humor- refreshingly intelligent I found it to be an absolutely enjoyable read. Whether you are a lawyer, a Vols fan or just someone who has accidentally picked up this book, you"ll love it! Haltom writes about life in our times with a perspective that will put a smile on your face one that might just stick with you through the next day. 

- Danial J Kim

Editor and Publisher, ABA journal

After fierce debate, the Tennessee Supreme Court in a split decision declined to make this book binding precedent Nevertheless, the Court unanimously held that as a matter of law this book is funny. 

-Chief Justice Frank F Drowota, III

Tennessee Supreme Court

What is refreshing about BIll Haltom's sense of humor is that you can share his stories and jokes with anyone- even your mother His humor is subtle and sweet, and his stories will tug at your heart.

- Pamela Reeves

Tennessee Bar Association President , 1998-1999