Daddies: An Endangered Species

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BIll Haltom is a lawyer and daddy who also make time to embarass his firm and family as a newspaper humor columnist. He came from a long line of daddies but he is worried about the future of the species. Though he wishes Murphy Brown no ill he believe the world still needs daddies. Daddies who stick around after conception, change diapers, help with homework and pay for the pediatric orthodontist's Mercedes. To that end Haltom presents

Daddies; An Endangered Species

Haltom is so old fashioned, he still holds the Aqua Velva man as a role model. In Daddies; An Endangered Species,
he recounts how his traditional values have enabled him to survive potty training, Disney World and a close brush with the Lorena Bobbitt Home Vasectomy. 

Haltom hopes this book makes you thankful for old fashiones daddies. He hopes it makes you laugh. Most of all he hopes it makes you demand a sequel.