In Search of Hamilton Burger: The Trials and Tribulations of a Southern Lawyer

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Once again Bill Haltom proves he has the " wry" stuff. In an age where humorists seem enamored with the sledgehammer, Haltom opts for the scalpel and the probe. His search for Hamilton Burger both illuminates the nobler side of law and deflates the more strident and pompous lawyer personae. In sum, as the reader joins the hunt for Mr. Burger, he or she won't be left asking, " Where's the beef?"

-Gary Hengstler

Publisher, ABA Journal

In Search of Hamilton Burger is a genuine contribution to the genre. Bill Haltom is just plain funny- and more politically correct than he cares to admit. 

- Judge Martha Craig Daughtrey

U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

Bill Haltom's humor columns have kept Tennessee lawyers laughing for two decades. He is a remarkable individual. A family man, a talented writer, a fine trial lawyer and an active bar leader, BIll does it all. He and guys like him are the reason we have decaffeinated coffee. I am delighted to call Bill my friend and colleague, and I highly recommend this his latest book. 

- Randall D. Noel

Tennessee Bar Association President, 1999-2000