The Other Fellow May Be Right: The Civility of Howard Baker

As a longtime friend of Senator Baker’s, I have had the privilege of seeing his civility in practice.  Mr. Haltom’s portrayal, both of Senator Baker’s home life as a stalwart Tennessean and his professional life as a public figure, paints a vivid picture of Senator Baker’s extraordinary ability to view all parties as friends and allies in accomplishing the task at hand.  Especially in this current divisive political climate, all would do well to look closely at Senator Baker’s career and see just how much one person can accomplish when common courtesy transcends partisan politics.


-- Secretary William Cohen



Bill Haltom’s The Other Fellow May Be Right: The Civility of Howard Baker is full of wit and wisdom and demonstrates that seeking unity is a strength, not a weakness.  Our country responded to the events of September 11, 2001, in unity with determination and resolve.  This book about Howard Baker’s civility and selfless service to his country reminds us that we should value seeking common ground whenever and wherever possible, not just when the country is in crisis.


--Harriett Miers

  White House Counsel to President George W. Bush



Howard Baker is the answer to the question most of America seems to be asking right now- " How do we fix a Washington DC that seems to be irreparably broken?"  Senator Baker was always about getting to the right answer, not just his answer or the most politically helpful answer.

As a Mayor and as a Governor, I have been grateful for his advice and his example of what real leadership looks like.


--- Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam




The Other Fellow May Be Right describes a gentler era when government actually functioned, and it is an important lesson for the depressing state of today's politics.  Personal style was then and remains the key.  In this highly entertaining portrait of Howard Baker, William Haltom shows us that a great senator's combination of good humor and contained ego once made politics work, and gives us hope that the same combination could make it work again.


-- Senator John Danforth


For all of the long years I have known him, Howard Baker has sought to make politics an honorable profession in which partisan and personal differences are addressed and resolved through a commitment to civil discourse.

-- John Seigenthaler

Founder, First Amendment Center, Vanderbilt University


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